Fox Up Fronts

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Fox Up Fronts


  • Enhance impact of network’s annual presentation to ad executives.
  • Increase efficiencies to reduce workload on network staff while increasing quality of final product, and maximizing budget.


  • Change leadership in key departments - screen content, engineering, production management.
  • Reorganize workflow in high impact areas.
  • Re-engineer technical systems, cutting down on technical problems = increased rehearsal time.
  • Enhance executive presentations - tighten scripts, better pacing, showcase personalities.
  • Raise the production value of on-stage performances.
  • Shift mentality to run the show as a live television production.


“Fox’s upfront approach continues to show the assembled a good time… Fox television CEOs Gary Newman and Dana Walden proved an effective team, poking fun at each other and carrying themselves with a natural, easy air.” - Daily Variety