Case Study: Primetime Emmy Awards

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Case Study: Primetime Emmy Awards

Los Angeles, California

2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019


  • Well known brand.
  • Celebrity talent desire to participate.
  • Energy of live.


  • Long – 3 hour show.
  • Required to give out 26-28 awards.
  • Little opportunity for original content - out of a 3-hour show, only 20 minutes.
  • Key elements out of your control (acceptance speeches).
  • Time constraints.


  • Make sure your host scores! Take what they’re good at and make sure it fits the universe. 
  • Innovate the form/structure - Grouping awards, Build-in levels, push for flexible award categories
  • Control Pacing


“This year’s Emmy broadcast is a show that should serve as a playbook
for all award shows to come” - Los Angeles Times
"...Ambitious, energetically hilarious, and, most important, almost seamlessly constructed, this year's telecast actually did what the Emmys are supposed to do -- celebrate television." - Los Angeles Times 2010
"On the morning after the Primetime Emmy Awards, producer Don Mischer, host Neil Patrick Harris and CBS were basking in the glow..... the raves were almost unanimous....." - Variety 2009

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