Plant Home 2019

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Plant Home 2019

Palace Of Fine Arts



Create and Produce a sustainability conference that is also an experiential music festival.


Design an experience that moved attendees to take a solutions approach to life by making it easy to change the way they EAT, MAKE, MOVE and LIVE on this planet.


  • Strategic sessions led by industry luminaries focused on best practices and
    new technologies for entrepreneurial attendees (included networking lounges,
    and culinary experiences).
  • Festival Experience: 20+ Immersive/interactive exhibits open to the public connected consumers festival experience to scenarios related to all areas of the environmental crisis.
  • Music Performances and appearances by like-minded renowned artists and
    celebrities were programmed on a main festival stage.


• Sold out VIP and General Admission tracks over the 3 day event

• Next Planet Home to be scheduled for 2021

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